How to Connect and Link Your OhmPlug

This page contains everything you need to install the OhmPlug, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and link it to your OhmConnect account.

How to Install and Connect an OhmPlug

  • 1
    Download the OhmPlug app from Apple or Google.
  • 2
    Log into the OhmPlug app with your OhmConnect account and password
  • 3
    Plug your OhmPlug into a standard outlet
  • 4
    Hold the power button for 10 seconds to reset until the power button flashes
  • 5
    In the OhmPlug app, click “Add a Device”
  • 6
    Tap on the image of the OhmPlug
  • 7
    Your phone will scan for the OhmPlug and connect it to the Wi-Fi automatically
  • 8
    You must be on a 2.4GHz signal. If you have a dual band router, try getting farther away from the router, toggle the WiFi off and on again. This should connect your phone to the 2.4GHz signal.
  • 9
    Once it’s connected, leave OhmPlug “On” at all times. The power indicator light should be glowing blue.
Connect Your Device | Ohm Plug With Money | OhmConnect Energy

What to plug into the OhmPlug

Connect Your Device | Ohm Plug With Money | OhmConnect Energy

If you are using the OhmPlug to save energy, you will want to plug it into an appliance that consumes a lot of electricity.

By far, the best thing you can plug into OhmPlug is a refrigerator. If you have a freezer in the garage, that works great too.

A lot of people don’t even think of this energy-saving hack. Others are afraid to try it because they think their food will spoil. We’ve debunked this and other myths in this informative blog post.

Troubleshooting and help

Here are the most common errors people experience when trying to connect and link their OhmPlug:

If you are still experiencing difficulties, we want to help. Let us know more details of your problem so we can assist: