FAQ: Learn More About OhmConnect

August 16, 2016

What are #OhmHours? #OhmHours are specific times of the day you can earn money by saving energy. These occur when people use more energy than expected and and the grid is on the verge of turning on "dirty" energy sources. To prevent this, OhmConnect users save energy to prevent that power plant from turning on.

When are #Ohmhours? #OhmHours occur randomly and are almost impossible to predict. They're random because they're caused when people use more energy than is expected. This is also why you may receive #OhmHours up to 30 minutes past the hour.

Why should I join a team? You may choose to join or create a team for a few reasons: 1. Team members can pool earnings and donate to an entity of choice. 2. Teams can earn badges, which can be redeemed for rewards3. Teams encourage participation. And of course, the more people engaged, the greater energy savings we see.

Why does my Dashboard show "TBD"? It takes us between 24-48 hours to update your data after you participate in an #OhmHour. If it's been longer and you're still seeing "TBD," we may be having a problem pulling your data.  Please see the troubleshooting section for your specific utility provider.

When can I cash out? You can cash out after your account has been verified by your utility  company; after you successfully save energy in one of our energy savings events, called #OhmHours; or when someone you refer has his or her account verified. Most users receive one #OhmHour within the first week. Keep in mind that you must have a balance of $20 or great to cash out. We currently pay out via PayPal.

How can I earn more points? OhmConnect offers a referral program. Earn points for referring new users. Find your referral link and access easy share widgets now.

What if I have solar? Users who have solar can still participate! If you normally generate 3kWh of electricity and use 2kWh of electricity, your "normal" baseline is -1kWh. However, if you reduce your usage from 2kWh to 1kWh during an #OhmHour, we can still pay you for your reduction of 1kWh. The way it works is that you actually consume -2kWh when you used to consume -1kWh and we can pay you for that 1kWh saved

How is my data used and secured? All personal information is encrypted through robust AES 256 bit CBC encryption algorithms and stored on physically isolated servers. Security is top of mind and we use the strongest security protocols at every junction. Your utility company and the energy market (CAISO) will cross-check and verify the data so that you can be rewarded for participating in #OhmHour events. OhmConnect does not sell your data to third parties, nor does it share your data with any parties besides your utility and the energy market.

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