Why This Summer Is The BEST Time To Connect Your Utility To OhmConnect

You can get paid to save energy with OhmConnect all year ‘round. But here’s why you’ll want to do it right now.

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Curtis Tongue
July 4, 2018

Haven’t heard of OhmConnect?

We’re a California-based tech company that pays our users for the energy they don’t use.

It goes like this:

As an OhmConnect user, you will receive about one or two #OhmHours per week, in which case you are asked to save energy for about one hour.

It’s really simple to participate in an #OhmHour: switch off a few lights, unplug unused electronics, adjust your home heating and cooling. While not required -- if you have smart devices, OhmConnect can automatically switch them off for you.

But why now?

There are a few reasons why summer is the hottest time to become an OhmConnect customer - here are the biggies:

1. There are BIG prizes to be won. Summer is the season for MEGA #OhmHours … energy-saving moments when conservation matters most to the environment and your wallet. From June 4th - September 22nd, we’ve lined up some huge prizes this summer to reward the very best energy savers when they hit their MEGA #OhmHour goal. Learn more about MEGA Summer here.

2. Connecting your utility to OhmConnect is completely secure with Oauth, a platform that gives us access to your energy data (so we can calculate the number of points you earn each #OhmHour) while protecting your account credentials.

3. You can make the most impact for the electrical grid and the climate when it’s hot, (plus get big payouts each week!). By participating in an #OhmHour, you are helping your community avoid the situation where a dirty, expensive peaker plants is turned on. Since Summer is the time when the most energy is needed (cooling homes and pools isn’t easy work!), our collective efforts make an even bigger difference.  … and did we mention the payouts are bigger too?!

So there you have it! OhmConnect users are earning big rewards and helping out the grid. What are you waiting for?

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