We’re raising $10,000 for Springer Elementary.

Ohmconnect is a free home energy tool that sells your energy reductions back to the grid. We've partnered with Springer Elementary to donate our proceeds to your PTA.



How to pitch in


Invite your friends and neighbors to join. We need 300 families to sign up to meet our goal. Make sure to point them to www.ohmconnect.com/springer


If you have central AC, you may qualify for an attractive rebate on a Nest or EcoBee thermostat, which automate your energy reductions and boost the donation effort. Send inquiries to talk@ohmconnect.com.


If you own an electric vehicle, you may qualify for a free Electric Motor Werks JuiceBox EV charger, which also boosts the donation effort.  Click here to submit your interest.

Get paid for using your energy wisely.

Receive alerts when local peaker plants switch on.
Reduce your electricity use for about 30 minutes.
Earn money for optimizing energy in your neighborhood.

Take charge of your energy with these great features.

Analyze energy use, cost, and carbon footprint for each part of your home.
See where your energy comes from with an interactive power plant map.
Track your performance and watch your earnings stack up.
Connect your smart devices and electric vehicles to automate energy reductions right on time.

Use your smart home to optimize your energy.

Ohmconnect works with the best smart devices and electric vehicles so you can reduce your energy at the right time without lifting a finger.

No fancy devices? No problem, you can still respond to the alerts by manually turning things off in your home.


There is more to electricity than flipping a switch.

When your neighborhood reduces energy in response to our notifications, we add up the savings, which we sell into your regional energy market. The energy market buys and sells all types of power—coal, gas, solar… even saved power. That’s where we come in. To the market, saved energy is a clean, low-cost form of newly available energy, which means we can pay you for timely energy reductions.

American Energy Data Challenge Winner
“Pretty much anyone in California can make money by lowering their energy consumption.”
“The community gets a reward: hard cash.”
“You know what’s better than helping the environment? Getting paid for it.”

Join the movement.

With enough people reducing energy at once we can take entire power plants out of the equation. That’s why we’re working hard to create not only a great service, but also a strong community. Find a friend, join your neighbors and take charge of your energy together.

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Smart energy makes the planet happy.