The Sierra Club and OhmConnect FAQ

How does it work?

OhmConnect is a free service that informs you when you're using energy from dirty and unsustainable power plants. If you reduce your energy use, they’ll send a donation to the Sierra Club on your behalf.

How can you send money to the Sierra Club for me reducing my electricity?

If you reduce your electricity usage during OhmConnect’s events, or specified times, called OhmHours, OhmConnect is paid by California's electricity market. This market is called the "California ISO." They then pass those earnings on to the Sierra Club as a donation.

When do OhmHours normally occur?

About once or twice per week for an hour. #OhmHours normally occur during the morning and evenings, but you can choose to receive them at any time.

This service seems too good to be true.

OhmConnect is the first company to bring this type of service to residences in California, so it's not unusual to be unfamiliar with this concept. You can find out more information by emailing

How do OhmHours help the environment?

Without #OhmHours, the energy grid needs to turn on the dirtiest and most environmentally damaging power plants to prevent a brownout. When you participate in OhmHours, you help prevent those power plants from turning on because you are reducing the amount of energy that is needing to be produced at that time.

Do I need to buy hardware to participate?

No. Most OhmConnect users choose to receive OhmHours via text message or email. Some users with wifi thermostats or electric cars have connected their devices to OhmConnect to automate their participation, but that is not required.

Am I eligible?

Currently, OhmConnect works only with California utilities. Those utilities are PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E.

What if I have solar panels?

You are still eligible to participate. As long as you reduce your energy use during OhmHours, your energy savings  will be passed on to the Sierra Club as a donation.

What if I'm already very efficient?

Even if you are really efficient, you can still use OhmHour alerts to your advantage. For example, you should wait until the #OhmHour is over before using major sources of electricity, such as air conditioning, dryers, and other large appliances.

What if I use a different utility?

You can signup here and OhmConnect will notify you when they expand into your territory. If you are a member of a CCA, such as Marin Clean Energy, we'd love you to contact them and and express your interest in OhmConnect.

How is my data used and secured?

All personal information is encrypted through robust AES 256-bit CBC encryption algorithms and stored on physically isolated servers. Security is top of mind and OhmConnect uses the strongest security protocols at every junction.

How is my data used to analyze my reductions?

Your utility company and the energy market (CAISO) will cross-check and verify the data so that you can be rewarded for participating in #OhmHour events. OhmConnect does not sell your data to third parties, nor does it share your data with any parties besides your utility and the energy market.

How do the integrations with devices work?

If you integrate your electric car, wifi thermostat, or other smart device, OhmConnect will automate its use during #OhmHour. If your car is charging, OhmConnect will switch off the charging until the end of the hour and then resume charging when OhmHour is over. Similarly, if your AC is running, they will turn off your AC for the remainder of the hour. You are still informed of every #OhmHour and are given the opportunity to opt-out of every event.

More questions?

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