Turn Your Energy Savings Into Donations

The Sierra Club receives an instant $20 when you join, and OhmConnect donates an average $50 on your behalf per year to the Sierra Club. Read More...

“Pretty much anyone in California can make money by lowering their energy consumption.”
“You know what’s better than helping the environment? Getting paid for it.”
“The community gets a reward: hard cash.”

As simple as flipping a light switch.

Receive notification

Get notified when you’re using energy from "dirty" power plants.


Save electricity for about 30 minutes.


OhmConnect donates to the Sierra Club when you save energy

OhmConnect is free
and comes with these great features.

Analyze your home’s energy

See where your energy comes from

Track your performance and watch your earnings stack up. 

Connect your smart devices and electric vehicles to automate energy reductions.

Donate by saving energy

The amount donated to the Sierra Club depends on how much energy you save and how frequently you participate. OhmConnect sends about one energy saving event per week.

As a reminder, this donation is not tax-deductible because the Sierra Club is a 501c4 organization. Check out our FAQ to answer any additional questions you may have.

Donating to the Sierra Club just became as easy as flipping a light switch!

Use your smart home to optimize your energy.

If you have smart devices and electric vehicles, you can also automate Ohmconnect. Reduce your energy at the right time without lifting a finger.

No fancy devices? No problem, you can still respond to the alerts by manually turning things off in your home.

How we donate to Sierra Club

During these energy saving events, called #OhmHour, the electricity grid needs additional power. The grid can either turn on a dirty and expensive power plant or homes and businesses  can reduce their electricity usage. By turning off unused lights and appliances and by unplugging batteries, we can help prevent the dirtiest power plants from turning on.

State energy authorities would prefer to pay residents to save energy at these times rather than pay those dirty power plants to turn on. It’s cheaper and produces less pollution. OhmConnect coordinates with the state’s electricity grid and donates the proceeds to the Sierra Club and you.

Approximately 75 #OhmHours happen each year, creating plenty of opportunities for you to help reduce the need for dirty energy.

Join the movement

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    Ohmconnect is completely free to use. 
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    Your utility service remains the same.
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    You can opt-out at any time.

With enough people reducing energy at once we can take entire power plants out of the equation.

Find a friend, join your neighbors and take charge of your energy together.