Stop Wasting 
Energy Savings

California-based school fundraising groups are entitled to
receive donations when parents save energy once per week.

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How This Free Program Works

1. Save Energy
Save energy when OhmConnect sends a notification
2. Dirty Power Is Avoided
California doesn't need to turn on a
dirty power plant
3. Free Donations
Your fundraising group receives the payments intended for the power plants
"Our PTA was able to raise $1200 in just a couple months for doing something we already do. Saving energy ."
- Michelle Pauling, Laurel Elementary School PTA

Support You Can Trust

Better Business Bureau
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Supported by California Energy Authorities

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See how much each home has saved
See where your energy comes from
Start community fundraisers by donating earnings 
Automate your improvements if you have smart devices

How we donate when you save energy

OhmConnect monitors real-time conditions on the electricity grid. When dirty and unsustainable power plants turn on, our users receive a notification to save energy.

By saving energy at that time, California does not have to turn on the grid's worst polluting power plants. California authorities would rather pay users to reduce than paying those power plants to produce more.

OhmConnect manages those reductions and passes the earnings back to schools.

Who's Talking About Us?

Join the movement

Join the thousands of Californians who use
OhmConnect and say "yes" to more clean energy.

1. OhmConnect is free to use. 
2. Your utility service remains completely unaffected
3. You can opt-out at any time. 

Find a friend, join your neighbors and take charge of your energy

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