Get Paid Every Month for Saving Energy

Limited Offer: $10 Welcome Gift*

Welcome CCA Friends!

OhmConnect is a free service that pays you every month for saving energy using smart devices when it matters most.

Limited time offer: get $10 deposited to your account, and a $0.99 smart thermostat or 2 smart plugs to get you started on your energy saving journey.

How to Get Paid Each Month to Lower Your Electric Bill

Your CCA cares about helping you save on your electric bill while ensuring a greener future for our children. We’ve partnered with OhmConnect to give you an innovative way to save.

When you sign up, OhmConnect will alert you when electricity is most expensive and causes the most pollution. Your smart devices will automatically power down to save you energy and money. You can opt out of any energy-saving event, and can skip any two and still collect your payment for the month. Do the most good. Here’s how it works:


It just takes two minutes! This allows us to track how much energy you can save. Your data is secure and participating will not affect your utility plan. You can opt out any time.

blue, round icon with a check mark in the middle

We'll add $10 for your OhmConnect wallet (which can be redeemed via PayPal) and send you two smart plugs or a Sensi smart thermostat for only $0.99. Link both smart plugs or the thermostat to your OhmConnect account to qualify for your monthly payment.


Redeem your earnings in our Rewards Marketplace or cash out via Paypal. It's that easy!

Because "It Just Works"

We value our customers and put you first; it is about your life and your family, which is why we continuously work on being able to provide you with a great service that allows you to not only save energy and the planet, but also reward you for your efforts.

Cody P.

“It’s a free program that pays you to save money. What else is there out there like that? We have smart plugs in a number of outlets throughout the house. That way we can control pretty much all of our electronics and appliances from our phone.”

Maria H.

“We joined OhmConnect because it was something we could do to cut down our energy bills. The easiest part for us really is the smartplugs. We’ve got plugs on our fridge, our chest freezer, our fish tank filter – anything that’s draining energy.”

Gautam M.

“So many programs tell you to do X, Y and Z, but I love that OhmConnect actually explains why it’s important to do your laundry at a certain time and they actually reward you for making the change. If you do something good, you get a treat!”

How Is It Possible?

We work with SDG&E, PG&E and SCE, who pay us to reduce energy during times when energy is in high demand. This is cheaper and more efficient than turning on another power plant to generate more energy. California makes that possible, which is how we are able to reward our hundreds of thousands of users with cash payments and the chance to win prizes.

Timing Is Everything

Image of a blue duck curve showing electricity prices during the day - OhmConnect

Electricity is most expensive between 5 - 9 pm when solar power is no longer available.

The biggest impact you can have on your energy usage and wallet comes from shifting WHEN you use it.

At OhmConnect, we help you make these shifts through simple text and/or email notifications and automated smart devices.

Image of a blue duck curve showing electricity prices during the day - OhmConnect

*Offer valid from April 1, 2022, at 12:01 AM (PT) through June 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM (PT) for customers of participating OhmConnect partners with SCE, SDG&E or PG&E utility accounts. Follow the partner’s sign-up link to OhmConnect, connect your utility account, and become an active OhmConnect customer to be eligible to receive a $10 credit and either two smart plugs or a smart thermostat for $0.99. You must satisfy all conditions for eligibility (including connecting your new two smart plugs or smart thermostat to OhmConnect within 30 days of delivery and complying with any device registration requirements), or you will be charged the remainder of the full purchase price for your selected smart device(s) (a maximum of $129.99 based on MSRP), plus applicable sales tax. Limit one offer per participating household. Available to new OhmConnect customers only. Cannot be combined with other offers. OhmConnect reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time. Terms and conditions apply.

For list of participating partners, click here