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You could be saving 30% on your utility bill

With PowerPass, the power is in your hands

Imagine you could get your home’s energy straight from the source and at cost - with no markup fees. Say hello to PowerPass by OhmConnect - your chance to experience paying the wholesale rate of electricity and saving up to 30% compared to your utility bill. We’re currently accepting the savviest OhmConnect users to join a waitlist to enroll in our pilot.

Here's how PowerPass by OhmConnect works:


Get the lowest price
We'll let you know when energy is cheapest and when it's expensive.
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Power Down, or Power Up!
Shift your energy usage to times when power is cheaper (and greener!)
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During this pilot, we pay you the difference between your PowerPass and your utility bills. Being a savvy customer means you could save up to 30% on your energy bill!
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How much does it cost?

Get access to the wholesale price of electricity for only $4.99 per month.

How does wholesale energy pricing work?

Just like a Costco membership gets you access to wholesale pricing on your favorite products, your PowerPass membership gets you access to wholesale electricity.

The cost of electricity changes throughout the day. It’s normally low during daylight hours, when California’s grid is flooded with cheaper renewable energy, and high in the evening, when more expensive fossil fuel plants come online to meet the growing energy demand of households beginning their post-work routines. Imagine you could be charged the real time price of the electricity you use, allowing you to better plan when to run energy-hogging appliances and save big on your energy bill. (Customers using dynamic pricing can lower their bills by as much as 30% compared to their current utility bills!) That’s the power of PowerPass.

Who can participate?

Right now, PowerPass is just a twinkle in our eye - not yet available to everyday Californians.

We’re about to click ‘go’ on a pilot project and we want you - savvy energy savers - to be a part of it! You’ll help us work out the kinks, and at the same time - score big savings on your energy bill.
To be crystal clear about this pilot, you will still receive your energy from PG&E and be responsible for paying your PG&E bill. We will simulate the wholesale energy experience for you and directly pay you the difference if you would have ended up saving money, which we fully expect you to!

Because there is some risk involved with paying wholesale energy prices (failing to conserve during times when energy is expensive means you could actually pay more than normal) this offer is currently only available to folks who’ve proven that they are committed to powering down when it matters. (Is that you? If so, your unplugging has scored you some serious perks!)

If things go well with the pilot project, you could be one of the first testers of a program that transforms the way Californians use energy.

Are you ready to see how real-time rates can benefit you? Enroll as beta tester now!