Say Hello To The OhmConnect Wheel - Where You’re a Winner Every Time!

Cash, devices and freebies - oh my!

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Sophie Lubin
June 1, 2021

Every time you use less power during an OhmHour or AutoOhm, you’re helping take stress off the grid and keeping the lights on for you and your neighbors. With less stress comes more stability — and that means helping to prevent blackouts when the temperatures soar. 

But seriousness aside, saving energy and preventing blackouts can also be a heck of a lot of fun!  And that’s what we’re all about.

We’re excited to share some big news: One of our absolute favorite new OhmConnect features - the Wheel - is here! 

Let’s take a peek:

For just 200 Watts, you can spin the Wheel and win a reward. Every. Single. Time. 

It went a bit like this for me: 

Spin 1: Won $0.50 cash

Spin 2: Won an extra $3 added to my referral bonus for the next 30 days

Spin 3: Won a Google Home Mini. 

Spin 4: Won 3 entries into the next prize giveaway.

And it cost me less than half of what I earn in a single OhmHour! 

What are you waiting for? Give the Wheel a spin.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Watt Multipliers

  1. Keep your eyes open for Watt multipliers! We will let you know if an OhmHour coming up is especially important to the grid and that’s when you should Go. All. In. Not only will you be doing your fellow Californians a solid by helping to keep the lights on during these critical times, you’ll also be able to earn pretty amazing rewards! (We’re talking 2x, 3x, even 10x multipliers on the amount of Watts you can earn during a single event.) If there’s ever a time to power down completely and head out for a walk around the block, this is it! 

  1. For the events that are still important but perhaps not as lucrative, automate! As you may already know, some appliances in your home are bigger energy hogs than others. By connecting a smart thermostat to your HVAC and a smart plug to your refrigerator, you’re able to participate in OhmHours and AutoOhms automatically without lifting a finger. No need to sit in the dark. Automating your biggest energy hogs means you can maintain a high status but not have to put in so much work during the OhmHours when your potential to earn isn’t as high.   Connect a smart device.

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