MEGA Summer 2020 is here!

The key to big rewards this Summer? Your OhmConnect Status. Big payouts and the chance to win great prizes could be yours.

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Katie Overmonds
May 17, 2020

You’ve heard of #OhmHours, those moments when it pays to save energy. This summer, get ready for the biggest rewards of the year when it matters most.

Starting June 1st and continuing through September 27th, you have the chance to earn major rewards when you consistently save energy during every #OhmHour. We’ve lined up some awesome prizes to sweeten the deal even more.

Here’s how it works:

1) Your OhmConnect status is king! Every #OhmHour this Summer is a chance to earn major points. 

The trick to earning your max rewards? Your status. Gold, Platinum and Diamond OhmConnect customers will reap big bonuses this year so kudos to you if you’ve been consistently saving energy! 

We listened to the community’s feedback and improved things about your OhmConnect status level. First, bigger bonuses when you hit Gold, Platinum, or Diamond – up to 12x the points! 

And, to make it easier for everyone in the community to level up, your status is now based on your last five #OhmHours. Learn more about status and read on for our best tips and tricks to level up!

2) Every week, you also have a chance to qualify for a big prize by fulfilling ONE of the below requirements: 

  1. Have an OhmConnect status of Gold, Platinum or Diamond OR
  2. Have a smart device (like a thermostat or smart plug) participate in an #OhmHour or AutoOhm that week OR
  3. Refer someone to OhmConnect using your unique referral link. The week that they connect their utility account and save energy during an #OhmHour, you’ll be qualified. 

3) What about MEGA #OhmHours? 

MEGA #OhmHours are a special kind of #OhmHour that are dispatched when the grid is especially stressed. They happen a few times throughout the summer and come with higher payouts, especially if you’ve got a points multiplier by being Gold status or higher! 

Unlike last year, MEGA #OhmHours on their own don’t qualify you for the weekly prize. 

For more information on MEGA #OhmHours, click here. 

4) The weekly prize winner’s name is announced on Facebook Live at 5pm PT on Sundays. 

On Sunday evening, a randomly chosen qualified user will take home the big prize! Tune in to OhmConnect’s Facebook Live broadcast each week to see who won. Cash prizes, Peloton bikes, a suite of home appliances and more could be in your future!

woman in work out clothes on her peloton bike
Daydreaming of your own home workout space? A Peloton bike could be yours if you’re one of the lucky winners! Photo credit: Peloton

5) Get entered for a chance to have your energy bills paid for life

The prizes we have in store for this summer are nothing short of amazing, including a $500 Target Run, an Energy Star appliance suite, and home entertainment system. Check here to see the prize of the week. The best part? If you qualify for the weekly prize five times this summer, you’re also entered to win the Grand Prize of Your Energy Bill Paid for Life on October 7th, 2020. 

Want the best chance to win? Here are some tips:  

  • Consistently save energy during every #OhmHour to increase your status. Remember, a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status is your ticket to win weekly prizes (and your shot at the Grand Prize at the end of the summer). 
  • What’s a good trick to maintaining your status? Connect smart devices so you’re guaranteed to reduce during an #OhmHour without lifting a finger. 
  • Make sure you understand your forecast so you can be as strategic as possible about which appliances you connect your smart plugs to and which you shut down manually.
  • Share the good vibes with your friends and family to score $20 for each referral, as well as an entry into the weekly prize. You can find your unique referral code here. In June, the referral bonus is doubled, meaning you earn $40 per referral! 
  • Pay close attention to your #OhmHour notifications so you don't miss any events!

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Fire us a note by clicking the ‘Help’ icon on your dashboard.

Haven't connected your OhmConnect account to your utility yet? There's still time to get on board with MEGA Summer! Visit to get connected,start earning cash, and winning prizes for the energy you save.

We’ve got big goals for this summer and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

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