Save energy.
Win $100,000.

Show off your energy saving skills this summer. One skillful saver will win $100,000 on September 26th. Other weekly prizes include a $5,000 Target shopping spree and more. No purchase necessary.

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How to win

1. Hit a MEGA #OhmHour
goal or a referral

Qualify for a chance to win a weekly prize by hitting your MEGA #OhmHour goal or referring a new user.

2. Weekly prize announced at 5PM on Sunday

A random qualified user will be awarded this weekly prize and announced on Facebook Live. Check out the prizes and winners below.

3. Qualify three times for a chance at $100,000

One skillful energy saver will win $100,000 on September 26th. Just qualify for the weekly prize three times or more for a chance.

What's an #OhmHour?

New to #OhmHours? It's the one hour each week when saving energy matters most. Mother nature will thank you, plus, you get paid! When you receive a notification about a MEGA #OhmHour, even bigger rewards are in your future. Connect your utility account to get started.

Okay...what's a MEGA #OhmHour?

This is an extra special #OhmHour when your energy savings make an even bigger impact. Each MEGA #OhmHour will come with a specific energy-saving goal, such as "use only 50% of the energy you're expected to use" or "use 1 kWh or less." These targets are tailored to your own personal energy use, so everyone has an equal chance of hitting the goal. You still earn your regular points during a MEGA #OhmHour, plus have the chance at some fun bonuses.

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Prizes and Winners

End of Summer Grand Prize

$100,000 cold, hard cash

One skillful energy saver is going to walk away at the end of the summer with a cool $100,000. Get entered into our weekly prize at least three times for a chance to win.


Tune in for live awards on September 26th at 5PM


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June 4 - June 10 Prize

$5,000 Target Shopping Spree

Ever wish you could just walk down the aisles of Target and throw things into your cart with abandon? Your dream can now be your reality. This week's prize is a $5,000 sponsored #TargetRun.


Tune in for winner on Sunday at 5PM...

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June 1 - June 7 Prize

Patagonia Outdoor Makeover

Give your outerwear and adventure clothing a makeover! This week's winner received $5,000 gift certificate to Patagonia to outfit their family with the world's best sustainable source of outerwear.

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June 1 - June 7 Prize

Iceland Family Vacation

Iceland's beautiful vistas are only surpassed by the beauty of their 100% renewable grid! An extended family vacation to Iceland is on us!

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Tune in for live awards on Sunday,[[r.prize_end_date]] at 5PM...



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The Nitty Gritty Details

  1. Qualifying actions for the weekly prize are: you must either achieve your MEGA #OhmHour goal or get a referral to Silver.
  2. A referral must reach Silver status within the week to count as as qualifying event.
  3. Each weekly prize qualification period starts after a winner a selected on Sunday evening.
  4. You may only qualify for the weekly prize once within a single week.
  5. Your eligibility for a weekly prize is determined when your meter data is calculated and not when you participated in a Mega #OhmHour.
  6. To qualify for the end-of-summer grand prize, you must qualify for the weekly prize at least three times.
  7. Winners for both the weekly prize and end-of-summer grand prize will be chosen by randomly selecting a user from within the pool of qualified users.
  8. You can read the Official Rules to Mega Summer here.