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We've partnered with Hive to give you more ways to earn weekly payments by creating a home smart enough to know when to save energy.

Bring your home to life with Hive smart products that connect your home and make daily living easier.

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Hive smart products and OhmConnect are better together

Ready to make your house smarter, optimize your energy use and get paid? Come on in. We have partnered with Hive to bring you the best-in-class smart home products fully integrated with our award-winning energy payment program.

How it works

1. Get Connected
Buy Hive smart products and connect to OhmConnect. Get instant $20.
2. Save Energy
Your Hive products can help you save energy.
3. Get Paid
Receive ongoing $100 - $300 per year.
With Hive smart products, you control your home from the palm of your hand

Welcome Home pack
Set the mood before you walk through the door with a Hive Welcome Home pack. It gives you everything you need to adjust your cooling, heating and lighting, as well as turn appliances on and off from wherever you are.

  • Conserve energy by not cooling or heating an empty home
  • Schedule your Hive Active Plugs to turn appliances on or off automatically
  • Get alerts when your Hive Motion Sensor detects movement in your home
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • See other packages and purchase options with Hive
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Watch your home's energy get cleaner
See where your energy comes from
Start community fundraisers by donating earnings 
Automate your improvements if you have smart devices

How we pay you to save energy

OhmConnect monitors real-time conditions on the electricity grid. When dirty and unsustainable power plants turn on, we work with Hive smart products to automatically reduce your home’s energy use.

By saving energy at that time, the grid does not have to turn on additional power plants and energy authorities pay for that. OhmConnect passes along those earnings to you.

Use your smart home to optimize your energy

When you connect your Hive smart products to OhmConnect, you receive an automatic $20, plus ongoing payments each time you save energy. Don’t have a Hive smart products?

OhmConnect users can purchase a Hive smart products here for an exclusive 20% off! Simply sign up here and then make your selection.

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1. OhmConnect is free to use. 
2. Your utility service remains completely unaffected
3. You can opt-out at any time. 

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