We recently discovered that there has been a problem with SDGE’s connection process.

While you may have submitted utility data sharing permissions from SDGE’s secure sharing page and even gotten a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from SDGE, they were unable to connect your utility account to OhmConnect.

SDGE has now fixed this issue. Unfortunately, everyone who attempted to connect their utility during this period will need to reauthorize. How? Simply follow the six steps below!

Step 1: Log in to SDGE's secure utility connection page.

Step 2: Click End Data Sharing to close your existing authorization.

Step 3: Select the service account associated with the current authorization and click Next.

Step 4: Confirm your selection by clicking End Data Sharing.

Step 5: Click Set Up to reauthorize.

If there is no service to select here, that means you didn't previously attempt to connect your account. Simply skip to step 5 below.

Step 6: Last step! Click Authorize Data Sharing to finish.

Thanks for reauthorizing your SDGE account!

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