#OhmHours are energy saving events, usually an hour in length, in which OhmConnect has committed to the grid that our users will save energy.

There are different kinds of #OhmHours. Regular (or Points #OhmHours), Prize #OhmHours, and sometimes also MEGA #OhmHours (read about those here).

During these events, our users save energy and help the grid avoid using dirty and inefficient ‘peaker’ power plants. Our community often uses this time to take a break from their hyperconnected lives and reconnect with family, friends, or with themselves.

You can expect an #OhmHour about every week or two. During the summer months, you can expect that number to increase to around 1 or 2 #OhmHours a week. 

You can get paid for participating in #OhmHours by connecting your utility account.  

How will you spend your next #OhmHour? 

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