Teams allow you to connect with a larger community involved in OhmConnect and pool your earnings or donate to an entity of your choice. 

You can get you your Teams page here.

You can create a new team, join a team, and search for teams if you're not already on a team.

There are 3 kinds of teams. Donation, and Earn, and School.

On a Donation team, all your earned points go directly to the team. Your points total will always remain at 0 while on a Donation team.
For Donation teams, you can have your points donated to charities, schools and other charitable causes. 

On an Earn team, you keep all your points, and work together with other members of your team to save energy.

On a School team, your points are donated to the school's OhmConnect team, just like a Donation team.

As a teammate, nothing your teammates do can hurt or help your individual #OhmHour performance.

Important note for Team Captains: Any negative points incurred by members of your team will be reflected in the team's points total. 

How can I add my school as a team for donations?
You can get started adding your school as a team here

Teams is currently undergoing some polishing - stay tuned.

NOTE: If you are on a team, and you are expecting to be paid out for a device rebate or a referral, please see the following FAQ article about teams.

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