When it comes to reducing energy with OhmConnect, there are different kinds of #OhmHours.  Regular (or Points #OhmHours), Prize #OhmHours, and MEGA #OhmHours (read about those here).

What are Prize #OhmHours?

Prize #OhmHours are primarily dispatched during the cooler months of the year, between October and May. Just like regular #OhmHours, Prize #OhmHours occur when saving energy helps the grid and earns you rewards. You'll know it's a Prize #OhmHour by the star on the #OhmHour on your dashboard:

What's different about Prize #OhmHours?

Instead of earning points for using less energy, Prize #OhmHours give you a chance to win a prize. You'll get an energy saving goal for each Prize #OhmHour, and if you beat it, you'll be entered to win the next prize drawings (which happens every 2 weeks).

The Prize goal will be lower than your average energy use (your forecast for regular #OhmHours). During the Summer when Prize #OHs are suspended, your Prize qualifications are saved and will resume when we start Prize #OhmHours again.

Prize #OhmHours affect your status, but not your streak, and they do not award points.

How can I win?

There are four ways to qualify for the prize drawing. You need to do ONE of the following:

  • Achieve Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status. Saving energy in every #OhmHour increases your status. Maintain Gold or higher status to qualify for the prize drawings!

  • Beat your Prize #OhmHour goal. We’ll tell you what your specific goal for that Prize #OhmHour is in the email and SMS ahead of time. It’ll be lower than your forecast, but not as tough as MEGA goals were this summer.

  • Make a qualified referral. A qualified referral is someone you refer to OhmConnect who reaches at least Silver and is actively participating in #OhmHours by showing positive energy reductions during those events.

  • Connect your first ever smart device. Users who have smart plugs or smart thermostats save more than users without smart devices. Time to get connected!

Remember: you just have to do one of these to qualify for the prize each round.

What can I win?

We'll announce a winner every other Sunday on Facebook Live at 5pm and if you are lucky enough to win, we'll inform you via email, and a message on your OhmConnect dashboard. We will be giving out some major prizes. Things like: Energy Star appliances, your energy bill paid for a year, and an energy efficient bathroom makeover! Wow!

What about streaks and status?

Remember, you won't get points for Prize #OhmHours, but they do count toward your status calculation. Your streak is not be affected by Prize #OhmHours.

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