MEGA #OhmHours are a special kind of #OhmHour that happens when the grid is especially stressed. They happen infrequently and typically come with higher payouts, especially if you’ve got a points multiplier by being Gold status or higher!

Here’s what you need to know about MEGA #OhmHours:

  • All MEGA #OhmHours will be clearly indicated in advanced notifications and on your dashboard

  • MEGA #OhmHours are most likely to occur on weekday early evenings, as this is when the grid gets stressed the most

‍How can I maximize my earnings during a MEGA #OhmHour?

  • Make sure your settings have you as available for #OhmHours between 4PM and 9PM on weekdays.

  • Pay close attention to your #OhmHour notifications so you don't miss any MEGA #OhmHours.

  • Your maximum impact will come from shutting off your circuit breaker.

  • Learn more about hidden energy zappers in your home and use smart plugs to make sure they are off during #OhmHours when you can't turn off your circuit breaker.

  • Make sure you understand your forecast so you can apply the right strategies.

  • Plan activities for your family to avoid accidental energy use.

Why haven't I received a MEGA #OhmHour yet?

MEGA #OhmHours occur on hot days when there is extreme demand on the grid. Make sure your #OhmHour settings include late afternoon and evening times, and hang tight!

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