For solar users, our status levels are slightly different. With solar, it is impossible to know how much you are consuming on a normal basis since you both give and receive energy from the grid. Therefore, it is impossible to determine a true "usage baseline". See our solar and baselines article for more details.

Instead, we use a flat baseline for our solar users that isn't currently displayed on the dashboard. 

  • If your forecast was 2.0kWh or less over the past 20 days, we use a flat 2.0kWh baseline to calculate your status tiers. To get to Gold status, you need to reduce, on average, 0.3kWh (15%) for every event; for Platinum status, you need to reduce, on average, 0.8 kWh (40%) for every event; for Diamond status, you need to reduce 1.6 kWh (80%).

  • If your baseline is greater than 2.0kWh over the last 20 days, we use your actual baseline.

  • If your average reduction is *more* than 100%, we cap it at 100%

The status tier calculation is as follows:

(Forecasted usage - actual usage)/ Flat Baseline

So, if you were forecasted to use 36.6 kWh over the past 20 #OhmHours, and your flat baseline was 40 kWh (2 kW baseline * 20 hours), and you used 30kWh, the calculation would be:

(36.6 kWh - 30 kWh)/40 kWh = 17%

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