Over the next month, we'll be rolling out a new feature: voting for #OhmHours.

Heads up! Not everyone will see this feature immediately, so if you're eager to get early access, drop us a note and we'll add you to the list of Beta testers in the coming weeks. 

For those who are testing it now, you'll see a new widget on your dashboard that looks like this:

As you can see, it lets you pick between potential #OhmHour times over the coming week. Heads up: not all #OhmHours can be voted on. You’ll see the widget on your dashboard only when the upcoming week has #OhmHours where voting is possible.

What is it? How do I vote for #OhmHours?

  • Based on the energy forecast near you, we'll show you when #OhmHours might happen over the next week. 
  • Cast your vote before each Saturday at midnight, and commit to saving energy as a community.
  • If enough folks vote for the same time and conditions are right, you'll all get an #OhmHour on the day with the most votes. Then it's up to you to save, and get paid!

How does it work? 

  • #OhmHours happen when the grid is stressed and needs all of us to reduce.
  • The key here is "all of us" — when lots of people reduce at the same time, the grid gets major stress-relief, and we all get paid.
  • Based on future energy forecasting, weather estimates, and direct access to the energy markets, we can often estimate when peak times will be.
  • When this happens, you'll see times on your dashboard when #OhmHours might happen over the next week.
  • Voting for the next week's #OhmHours (if possible) opens on Wednesday the previous week.
  • The deadline to cast your vote is Saturday before the upcoming week, at midnight.

What do I have to do?

  • Cast your vote for when you want your #OhmHour. Make sure to vote before each Saturday at midnight.
  • You can change your vote as many times as you want before the midnight deadline, but can only vote for one option.

When will I get an #OhmHour?

  • If enough people commit to reducing energy at the same time, and grid conditions are right, you'll all get an #OhmHour on the day that has the most votes.
  • You won't get the day you selected, unless it's the one with the most votes. To help, we'll always show you which day is currently winning.
  • Heads up: voting for your #OhmHours does not impact if you get a Prize or regular #OhmHour for points.
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