There are different kinds of #OhmHours. Regular (or Points #OhmHours), Prize #OhmHours, and sometimes also MEGA #OhmHours (read about those here).
Your #OhmHour notification will let you know what kind of #OhmHour is coming up.

You will generally be notified a full day before an #OhmHour and again just before the #OhmHour starts. In some instances when the grid is unexpectedly stressed, the initial notification may be sent shortly before the event starts. 

You can choose to receive your notifications via email, text message, or both by visiting the settings page. 

In the middle of the page you will find the #OhmHour notification section which allows you to turn on / off  mobile text message, email, and app push notification for #OhmHours.

You can expect an #OhmHour about every week or two. During the summer months, you can expect that number to increase to around 1 or 2 #OhmHours a week. 

You can also add more phones on the connect page so other members of your household can receive #OhmHour notifications as well.

AutoOhm reminder:

For AutoOhms, unless you opt into alerts, you won't be notified that an AutoOhm is happening. This is by-design! Since your devices do all the work, you can rest easy knowing your home is saving energy and earning you cash, without bugging you each time something powers down for 15 minutes.

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