The points you earn during an #OhmHour are calculated by subtracting your actual usage from your forecast and multiplying that amount by the price of the event.  The price for #OhmHours vary by location and time.

Your actual usage, like your forecast, comes from the meter data your utility sends us. We generally receive it within 48 hours but sometimes it is delayed and sometimes it gets restated.  

You can see the detailed forecast and event data that went into calculating your results by clicking on the points in the circle for each #OhmHour.

In addition to the base points earned during the event, you may benefit from the following bonuses which will be included on the points you see in your #OhmHour Performance numbers:

  • Status level bonus, which is awarded based on the average reductions over your last twenty #OhmHours. You can read more about status level bonuses here.

  • Streak bonus, which increases with each consecutive #OhmHour in which you beat your forecast. You can read more about streaks here.

To see the break out of base points, status level bonus, and streak bonus for any of your #OhmHours, you can download your point history as CSV file from the link on the bottom right corner of the #OhmHour Performance section of the dashboard.

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