If you don't have electricity provided by one of the utilities that support OhmConnect (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, Smart Meter Texas, Toronto Hydro), you can still participate in the OhmConnect Bronze program. Learn more about eligibility here.

If you do not have a utility that supports OhmConnect, you can participate in the Bronze program. When you get #OhmHour notification, let us know how you're saving! Since we don't have your meter data, we can't actually confirm how you're saving, so we can't issue points (redeemable for cash). Instead, you'll earn Tokens for reporting your energy savings. With tokens you can win prizes from OhmConnect's Spin to Win: from home devices like wifi-enabled thermostats, an electric car lease, big cash payouts, and OhmConnect swag!

We introduced the Bronze program because the interest in #OhmHours has been so popular! It's a great way to unplug (literally and figuratively) and help the environment!

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