If you haven't been connected for a week, something might have been done incorrectly with your authorization. Here is how to restart your authorization.

  • Log into your SCE account at sce.com. Find “Data Sharing” located on the top toolbar and from that page, please find the green button “Third Party Authorizations.”

  • Locate your OhmConnect authorization and click “Revoke Authorization” to remove this authorization.

  • If you have more than one authorization for OhmConnect, please revoke all of them.

Do NOT engage in the authorization process from SCE's site. Instead, go back to your OhmConnect account and initiate the authorization by clicking on the "Connect" button.

This will then forward you to SCE's site to continue the authorization process.

Note: if you attempt to initiate the authorization process from SCE's site, you will not be able to select "OhmConnect" from their drop down menu. We will only appear as a drop down option by entering the authorization process from our site.

What's next?

  • You've now done everything you need to enroll with OhmConnect. Your utility will verify your authorization to see if they have everything they need. 

  • This process can take up to 5-7 days. Contact support for help if it's been longer than a week and you're still not Silver. You can all check this information on your settings page.

  • Please do not do this process multiple times; it will further delay your process and having more than one authorization will not speed up the enrollment.

Thanks for going through the process to revoke and authorize OhmConnect again!

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