If you haven't been connected for a week, something might have been done incorrectly with your authorization. Here is how to restart your authorization.

  • Please go to your settings page and locate your utility information.

  • Click on "Reconnect" to proceed with your utility connection. Enter your zip code and select PG&E as your electric provider. Continue all the way through until you are redirected to PG&E's site to enter in your credentials.

  • Review your information before submitting! Make sure all the information is correct including the access duration being indefinite, account number, address, name, etc. Once you verified all that information, hit "submit."

  • You will be redirected back to OhmConnect with this message:

What's next?

  • You've now done everything you need to enroll with OhmConnect. Your utility will verify your authorization to see if they have everything they need. 

  • This process can take up to 4-6 days. Contact support for help if it's been longer than one week and you're still not Silver.

  • Please do not try to reconnect multiple times; it will just further delay the process.

Thanks for going through the process to connect OhmConnect again!

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