Utility companies like PG&E will sometimes have their own energy-saving Demand Response programs — these are similar to OhmConnect, but offer different benefits. 

You can only be in one of these programs at a time, so if you want to join OhmConnect, you'll have to disenroll from the other.

If you're not sure if OhmConnect is the right choice for you, and want to see how OhmConnect compares to the other programs offered through PG&E, check out the scorecard here:

Getting set up with OhmConnect

If you decide OhmConnect is your best bet (and we hope you do!) you'll need to disenroll from the other program you're in. It's easy and only takes a few minutes. 

Below is a step-by-step guide for what you need to do.

1. Log into PG&E's website with your utility credentials

  • Go to PG&E's site

  • Enter your utility credentials here:

2. Find the conflicting DR program

  • Once you're logged in, look to the right side of the page and find “YOUR RATE PLAN”

  • Click "Change your Rate Plan", just below that

3. Disenroll from the other Demand Response program

  • You'll now be on a page called "Select Your Electric Rate Plan"

  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Next"

  • You'll now be on a page called "Select Add-ons" where you'll see the conflicting Demand Response program. 

  • Uncheck the check mark next to the other program

  • Scroll down to click "Next"

4. Confirm and Submit

  • You'll now be on the last step, "Review & Submit"

  • Enter your email address, accept the terms and conditions, and click "Submit" at the bottom

  • You'll now see "Enrollment Complete" which means you're all done!

5. Wait while things process

  • Your utility will now process this change and will send us confirmation when it's finalized

  • When your utility sends us updated information, we'll update our system and you'll be bumped to Silver status and you'll be able to earn money using OhmConnect

  • Heads up: It can take a few days for the new information to come to us, so please be patient. If you don't see any change or hear from us after a week, reach out to us and we'll look into what's going on.

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