OhmConnect pays you to save energy during #OhmHours, when demand on the energy grid is high. In order to do so, we partner with select utility providers, like SCE to prove that you reduced your energy use. 

Connect to SCE here.

You'll see a page like this that directs you to log into your SCE account. 

You'll then be redirected to SCE's secure sharing page, which looks like this. Make sure to double check that you're connecting to the right account number and house address, if you happen to have multiple addresses set up with SCE.

Click "I agree to authorize" once you have read and understand the terms of your authorization. You will be directed to OhmConnect's site. 


If you see an error message like this:

Please try refreshing the page because the website is just trying to redirect you and got a little stuck along the way.

Tips & Tricks & Other Notes

  • Great news - we don't ever store your utility credentials! So don't worry about any issues sharing your credentials. We don't have access and will never do anything with them.

  • Select your current address if there are multiple available under the "Select service account" drop-down. When in doubt, select them all. 

  • We are required by the state to receive and submit billing, meter, interval usage, program participation, and customer information to be able to pay you for reducing energy. None of this information includes things like your Social Security number or payment information. 

It includes data points like other energy efficiency programs you may have signed up for in the past, if you have gas or electric accounts set up, the meter ID associated with your physical meter, how fast your meter collects your data, and historical data, which the state uses to calculate your forecast. 

Thanks for signing up with us! This process can take up to 7 days to complete. If this is taking longer than 7 days to complete, please try re-authorizing your account! Follow this FAQ on how to do that.

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