OhmConnect pays you to save energy during #OhmHours, when demand on the energy grid is high. In order to do so, we partner with select utility providers, like PGE to prove that you reduced your energy use. 

Connect to PGE here.

You'll see a page like this that directs you to log into your PGE account.

Filling out your credentials will take you to this page.

You will not need to fill out any information here, it will already be populated. If you have multiple homes, you will need to select the appropriate account by clicking on the blue triangle in the box "Select all Service IDs for all Accounts."

Once you are done confirming your information, click "Submit" at the bottom right-hand corner. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the button. Once you click "Submit" you'll be directed back to OhmConnect's site.

That's it! It can take up to 2 weeks for PGE to confirm your enrollment with us and send us your meter data. Once they do, you'll be automatically advanced to Silver status and rewarded for those 2 weeks worth of #OhmHours. 

If you see that your account has not been bumped to Silver status within 2 weeks, please try re-authorizing your account using this FAQ.

Common Questions

  • Why do we need your meter data? We are required by the state to receive and submit billing, meter, interval usage, program participation, and customer information to be able to pay you for reducing energy. None of this information includes things like your Social Security number or payment information. 

  • What info gets sent to us? The information you're agreeing to share with us includes data points like other energy efficiency programs you may have signed up for in the past, if you have gas or electric accounts set up, the meter ID associated with your physical meter, how fast your meter collects your data, and historical data, and which the state uses to calculate your forecast.

  • If you see the below error message, please read about it here

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