OhmConnect is all about relieving as much strain on the grid as we can, and that means digging deep for big reductions in your energy use. and an #OhmHour where participants only use 0.0kWh

We won't often ask you to hit a goal like 0.0kWh in an #OhmHour, but when we do, know it's for good reason, and the grid needs your help. 

To help make flipping your breaker worth it, we'll give you $5 (500 points) the first time you flip your breaker and meet the goal of 0.00kWh in a MEGA #OhmHour.

NOTE: If you flip your breaker for the first time in a non-MEGA #OhmHour before flipping your breaker in a MEGA #OhmHour, you will no longer be eligible for the 500 points for flipping your breaker for the first time in a MEGA #OhmHour. 

After that, every time you flip your breaker and reach 0.0kWh in an #OhmHour, no matter your actual #OhmHour goal for that event, we'll give you 500 tokens. That brings Power-up cards like Streak Shields and Baseline Boosts more within reach.

We'll also give you occasional opportunities to score 500 points during special MEGA #OhmHours  where we'll ask you to hit a MEGA goal of 0.0kWh.

Flipping your breaker lets OhmConnect participants go the extra mile for energy reductions, and we pay you for those extra savings!

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