You can use the tokens you earn within OhmConnect to purchase power-up cards from our Token Marketplace. Each power-up card will cost a set amount of tokens, and give you bonuses and benefits that help your #OhmHour performance. Some cards increase your points payouts for #OhmHours, others save your streak if you go over your baseline.  We're always adding new cards, so check back for what's new!

Below are descriptions for each of the power-up cards you can purchase

Spin to Win - 30 tokens

You can purchase a spin for 30 tokens to try to win prizes — like discount codes to the OhmConnect store, sunglasses, smart devices, or even an electric car!

Think of it like playing Bingo. You need to collect three badges to claim each prize, and each time you spin you'll win another badge at random.
For example, to win the pair of the sunglasses, you need to win all three badges in the set: 

  1. Stunner Shades

  2. Old School Sunglasses

  3. Aviator Sunnies

Once you collect all three badges you'll be able to redeem your prize. All spin results are random.

Streak Shield - 8500 tokens

Purchasing a Streak Shield card is your insurance from losing your streak the next time you go over your forecast during an #OhmHour. 

Once purchased, the Streak Shield waits for you to go over on an #OhmHour. Once you do, the card springs into action: automatically preserving your streak and keeping your streak bonus intact!

(Keep in mind, you will still lose points for that #OhmHour since you didn't beat your forecast.)

NOTE: You must purchase the Streak Shield at least 24 hours before your streak breaks for the card to work.

Opt-Out - 3250 tokens

If you forget to opt-out of an #OhmHour, or if you're just unhappy with your results for that particular event, you can purchase the opt-out card. Once you have the card, it will find your most recent #OhmHour where you got negative points, and set the points for that #OhmHour to zero. Your negative points will then be returned to your points total.

(Keep in mind, this card will not restore your streak.)

Baseline Boost - 10000 tokens

When you purchase the Baseline Boost card, we'll increase your baseline forecast for your next #OhmHour to that of a massive home — 5kWh! By increasing your baseline this one time, you'll have a safety net during that #OhmHour so even if you use a bit more energy, you'll still beat the forecast. At 5kWh, you'd need to work pretty hard to go over a baseline like that!
Note: The Baseline Boost card cannot be applied to MEGA #OhmHours.

All power-up card prices are subject to change without notice.

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