If you are on a donation-based team, all of the points that you earn during #Ohmhours are donated to your cause, which is fantastic. Just remember - if you are trying to redeem a promotional code from OhmConnect for a free device, you will have to leave your team prior to connecting the device.

Why do I need to leave my team to claim my rebate points?

OhmConnect rebates may be redeemed in two steps: First, use the code on your Connect page to receive a percentage off of your device in the store. Second, when you receive your device and connect it, we pay you the rest of the price in points.

Because you are being paid in points, you will have to temporarily leave your team prior to connecting your device in order to personally cash those points out.

Once you receive your points, go ahead and cash out. After that, you can re-join your team and continue to donate your points to your chosen cause.

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