OhmConnect is a "power in numbers" type of program. When more people participate, we help offset more dirty power and OhmConnect receives greater payments from the grid to pass along to our users. 

Referring new users to OhmConnect is a great way to increase your impact. We run different referral campaigns throughout the year, so check back to often for all the details! 

Note: For issues with your referrals, such as a referral not showing up on your Referral Dashboard or not being paid for your referral, click here.

Current Referral Promotion:

$20 for you, and $10 for your referral, when your referral signs up, connects their utility, and saves energy during #OhmHours. 

We pay these amounts in points, so you will earn 2000 points, and your referral will earn 1000 points.

How to Refer Friends
Go to the bottom of your dashboard and click “Invite Friends” to reach the referral page. You can also directly access this page here.  

From there you can share your referral link in the following ways:

  • Copy the link to send via a personalized email or text message

  • Share to specific friends via Facebook Messenger

  • Post link to all of your friends and followers on Facebook, Facebook Buy-and-Sell groups, Craigslist, or Twitter

Getting Paid for Referrals
Once you have invited friends, you will start seeing their enrollment status on the bottom of your dashboard.  If you see that any are still in Carbon or Bronze status, you can send him/her a reminder to complete their enrollment by clicking on his/her name or from the referral page.

If your referral is struggling to complete the enrollment process due to errors not listed in the Getting Started Section, please contact us, we’re here to help!

How can referrals achieve "Active" status?
There are a couple of things your referral should do so both of you can get paid: 

  1. Your referral should connect their utility account to OhmConnect.

  2. You and your referral should save energy during #OhmHours. Didn't beat your forecast? Keep trying! 

If your referral has successfully completed all steps and are actively participating in the last few #OhmHours, but you haven't received your referral points, please write to us for a review of your referral status–we're happy to help!

We are working on additional best practices for referral success and new fun features geared towards engaging newly referred users, stay tuned!

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