If you're looking over your points, and something looks off, you may want to contact support for a review of your points. Before you do that, it's good to gather some information before you reach out to us.

First, take a look at your #OhmHour Performance section of your dashboard. Here's where you'll find the broad-strokes of your data.
For a deeper dive into your points, and how your streaks and status level bonuses are factored into each #OhmHour, it's always a good idea to consult your Points History located in the lower-right of the #OhmHour Performance section on your dashboard.
For a detailed explanation on how to read your Points History, since spreadsheets can be a little confusing, we have an FAQ that helps break down all the different sections of your Points History *here*.

If, after your research, you still believe there's an issue with your points, please contact us, and try to provide the following information:

  1. How you believe your points have not been calculated correctly. 
  2. How many points you have lost. 
  3. Where you believe the points were lost. (An #OhmHour, streaks, recalculation, etc.)
  4. How many points you believe we might need to add back to your account to true up your points to the correct amount.
  5. Any other information that would be helpful.

And finally, please be as detailed as possible so we'll have plenty of information for our engineers to investigate this issue.

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