Referring people to OhmConnect helps us grow the community. When someone you referred reaches Silver, you'll get 2000 points, and they'll get 1000, and 1000 more when they connect their first smart home device. Learn more about our current referral promo here.

Issues with Referrals Reaching Silver
Sometimes a referral may not reach Silver right away. There are a few reasons why this can happen:

  1. They could be awaiting utility approval.
  2. They may need to disenroll from a conflicting Demand Response Program (DRP). 
  3. They may be attached to a utility we do not yet support, and thus may not be able to reach Silver status.

Before you request a review of one of your referral's status, here are a few things you can do first:

  1. Check your Referral Dashboard to see what their current status shows. If their status shows Carbon or Bronze, they still need to get fully connected before you can both get paid. 
  2. Check your Referral History csv for more information about your referrals status. You can see more information about how to read the Referral History .csv file here.  
  3. Reach out to your referral directly, and see what status level they show on their dashboard.

Please note, for privacy reasons, we cannot give updates on the status of another user's account. We encourage you to have your referral contact us so we can work with their account directly, help get them to Silver, and get you paid.

If you still need help with your referral, please contact us and please provide the following information:

  1. The email address that your referral used to create their OhmConnect account.
  2. The issue you are having. (Referral not appearing, points not paid out, etc.)
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