Great news, folks! We're introducing a new status level, Diamond 💎.  We know you smart savers are keen to move up in status level, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address how to get to the coveted Diamond status.

What is Diamond status?
This is for those of you who see the requirements for Platinum status and think “Pfft - 40 percent?! I could do that in my sleep!” (We’re looking at you, breaker-flippers and smartplug aficionados). 

Now, if you can average an 80% energy reduction below your forecast for the most recent 20 #OhmHours, you’ll reach Diamond status and earn a 2.5X multiplier on all #OhmHours going forward. Read more about status levels here.

Why is OhmConnect introducing Diamond status?
We know that it takes a lot to reduce 80% below your forecast, and we want to reward our top energy-savers for all their hard work. Read more about why we're introducing this new status here

When will my #OhmHours count toward determining if I'm at Diamond status?
If you're one of our top energy-savers who reduces more than 80% of your forecast, you may very well be at Diamond status overnight! However, you'll start raking in the 2.5X multiplier for being at Diamond status starting with your first #OhmHour that's planned after these changes go into effect (11/16/18). This means that any #OhmHours that show up on your dashboard after we launch Diamond status are chances for you to gain that 2.5X multiplier.

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