1. To begin, open the Sensibo App on your phone or tablet, and then sign in (or sign up if this is your first time).

If you need the Sensibo App, you can download it for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. You can also use your computer’s browser to go to https://home.sensibo.com.

2. Click Sign Up if you don't have a Sensibo Account. Sensibo will send you an email to verify your email address before you can log in to their app.

*Please make note of the email and password you use to signup with Sensibo, as you will need these to add Sensibo to OhmConnect.

3. Log in to the Sensibo App and tap Add Device.

4. Tap Sensibo Sky to add your new AC Controller.

5. Connect your Sensibo Sky to the power outlet using the supplied cable. The indication LED will start to blink. Tap Next.

6. Find the QR Code located on the back of your Sensibo Sky device and tap Next.

6. Tap to Scan the QR Code. Please not, your phone may request access to your camera to scan the code. Tap OK to allow and proceed.

If you would rather enter the code without allowing the Sensibo App to access your camera, tap Enter Code Manually. Put in the first 5 digits and the last 5 digits located on the QR sticker on the back of your Sensibo Skey device, and tap Add AC.

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