As part of Nest and Google Home joining together as Google Nest earlier this year, Google updated how Nest Thermostat connections work with third party services, like OhmConnect. So, you'll need to migrate your Nest Account for your thermostat to participate in AutoOhms and #OhmHours.

You can follow the steps below, or refer to the video at the bottom of the page.

Download the Nest App

  1. Make sure you download the most recent version of the Nest App on Android or iOS on your phone or tablet before you start the migration.

Here’s What You Need To Do

There are two ways you can start the migration:

A) If you've already signed in to the Nest App on your phone, tap Settings and select Migrate to a Google Account.


B) If you have not already signed in to the Nest App, tap Sign in with Google at the login screen. Note that you'll need to use the same email for your Nest and Google accounts.

Sign in with Google

Follow These 8 Steps To Complete The Migration

1. Read the account migration benefits and details carefully.

2. When you’re ready to migrate, tap Continue with Google.

3. Choose the Google Account that you want to use. We recommend using the same account you’re using with Google Assistant or Google Home products. You can also create a new Google Account or tap Use another account if you have an existing account that’s not listed.

4. You’ll need to let the Nest App access specific data from your Google Account. tap Info for more information on what will be shared. When you're ready, tap Allow to start migration.

Note: If your Nest Thermostat was connected with OhmConnect, you’ll be required to disconnect your OhmConnect services, which will appear on the ‘Disconnect Works with Nest’ screen. Follow the instructions in the Nest App to disconnect your old 'Works with Nest' OhmConnect connection.

5. Before you migrate your Nest Account to a Google Account, read the Google Privacy Policy, this Privacy FAQs article, and our commitment to privacy in the home to understand how Google will handle your data if you migrate to a Google Account. You'll also want to review and confirm (or update) your Google Account settings, including your ad settings. Then, tap Continue.

6. Read and accept the Google Terms of Service as supplemented by the Nest Terms of Service, tap Complete migration. If you are accepting an invitation to join a home as part of this migration, review how your access will change and tap I agree.

7. You’ll be prompted to select the emails you’d like to receive. Then tap Next.

8. Congratulations, you’re all set! Tap Done.

9. Now that you've migrated your account, click the button below to link your new Google Nest account to OhmConnect.

Note: Your Nest and OhmConnect emails can be different.

p.s. This video may help explain the process more clearly.

If you still have questions about migrating you can find help here or contact Nest Support.

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