Ensure that your device is showing up in the Kasa Smart App, is currently plugged in, and connected to your home WiFi network.

This video will guide you through how to add your TP-Link smart plug to the OhmConnect Dashboard.

p.s. Steps are also listed below👇.

1. Log in to the OhmConnect Dashboard.

2. Tap the Menu (the icon with 3 horizontal lines), then tap Devices to go to the Devices Dashboard.

3. If you are adding your first Smart Plug, scroll down to the Smart Plug section and tap Connect.

If you are adding additional Smart Plugs, scroll down to Smart Plug and tap the and then in the Select a Device section, tap Smart Plug.

4. Choose TP-Link from the drop down bar and tap Connect.

5. Authorize your TP-Link cloud account using the email address and password that you use to log in to your Kasa Smart App. Then, and tap Authorize (ie. when we signed up for our TP-Link account in the Kasa Smart App, we used help@ohmconnect.com).

Congratulations! 🥳

You should now see a message saying 'Your TP-Link is connected and ready to go!' And if you are feeling keen, you can even test your device by tapping on/off in the OhmConnect Devices Dashboard.

⭐️ p.s. Maximize your energy earnings by putting your smart plugs on the biggest energy hogs in your home, like your fridge, freezer, portable air conditioner, etc.

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