🤖 Android Users - Please use the steps below with best effort, and reach out to TP-Link using the contact link located at the bottom of the page if you have difficulty connecting your TP-Link Smart Plug to the Kasa Smart App.

Step by Step: How to Video

Download the Kasa Smart App

1. If you don’t have the Kasa Smart app installed on your on your phone or tablet, you can download it for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

Create a Kasa Smart account

1. If you don’t have a Kasa Smart account: Tap Create Account.


2. If you have a Kasa Smart account: Tap Login and enter your email address and password.

*Please make note of your email and password as you will need these to add your Smart Plug to the OhmConnect dashboard later.

Add your Smart Plug to your WiFi network

1. Tap Devices in the bottom left corner.

2. Tap the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Tap Device.

4. Tap Smart Plugs (please note, you may have to enable location to add a device).

5. Tap the Smart Plug Type you have (ie. Smart Plug Lite / Mini for HS105).

6. Plug in your Smart Plug and tap Next.

7. Check the WiFi Light and ensure it is blinking, and tap Next.

8. Leave the Kasa Smart App and on your iPhone/iPad go to Settings to connect to your Smart Plug's WiFi.

9. In your iPhone/iPad Settings, tap WiFi, then tap on the WiFi Network named TP_Link_Smart_Plug_XXXX to connect to your Smart Plug's WiFi. You will see a checkmark beside the network when connected successfully.

If the TP Link local WiFi doesn't show up, we suggest moving closer to the Smart Plug with your phone to maintain a strong signal. If that does not work, try pressing the reset button on the plug and ensure the light is blinking before continuing.

10. Return to the Kasa Smart App to finalize the process.

11. Tap the your home WiFi Network that you would like to add your Smart Plug to and enter your home WiFi password. Tap Join.

12. Name your new Smart Plug (ie. Fridge Smart Plug) and choose an icon to customize your Smart Plug. (This is the name that your Smart Plug will show up as in the OhmConnect dashboard).

Test your Smart Plug

1. Tap on the circular on/off button in the Kasa Smart App to turn your newly installed Smart Plug to turn your device on and off.

2. Disable WiFi on your iPhone and then Tap on the on/off button in the Kasa Smart App to test the Remote Control ability (remember to turn WiFi back on after testing).

Congratulations! 🥳

Note: If you encounter any problems during the above steps, you can press the reset button to reset the smart plug as per the included TP Link User Guide/Quick User Guide. If you're still having difficulty, please click here to contact TP-Link support.

⭐️ p.s. Maximize your energy earnings by putting your smart plugs on the biggest energy hogs in your home, like your fridge, freezer, and portable air conditioner.

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