Meet our new smart energy membership, OhmSmart.

Smart devices are key to easier (and more rewarding) energy saving. But, it can often cost a pretty penny to add them to your home.

OhmSmart makes it easy to get smart devices. Sign up for a membership today, and choose a OhmSmart Kit that works best for your home. Each Kit comes with a package of smart hardware, plus bonuses, to maximize your OhmConnect earnings. All this for a few dollars a month!

Note: Our OhmSmart membership list is currently full. If you're not an OhmSmart member and would like to get smart devices, we encourage you to look at the selection available in our store.

If I don't sign up for OhmSmart, will I stop getting #OhmHours or AutoOhms?

Great question! OhmSmart is designed to take your energy savings to the next level. If you choose not to sign up for an OhmSmart membership, you will continue to get energy saving events like #OhmHours and AutoOhms (if your account is #OhmHour eligible).

I received a special promotion for my first month. How will I be reimbursed?

Some OhmSmart members enrolled during a promotional period in which the first month of a monthly membership was reimbursed. If you qualified for that promotion, you received an automatic deposit of 499 points (worth $4.99) to your OhmConnect account. You can see the points on your rewards page and cash out via PayPay, a gift card, or as OhmConnect store credit (where you can use your 10% discount for even more savings!).

If you do not see the added points to your account, please reach out to our Customer Experience team for assistance.

When will I receive my smart plugs?

We want you to get your devices as quickly as possible. Shipping takes about 7 to 10 business days. We’ll email you to confirm your order and will include tracking information when it's available.

How do I set up my new hardware?

Setting up your new OhmSmart technology is a 2 step process:

First, install the hardware into an energy hogging appliance in your home.

  • If you have a smart plug, check out this guide.
  • If you have a Sensibo Sky A/C controller, check out our instructions here.
  • And, if you have a Venstar Smart Thermostat, check out the manufacturer's installation guide. Or, get a local pro to install your thermostat for you.

Second, connect these devices to your account.

To connect these devices to your account, go to your devices dashboard. Click the plus sign to add a new device to your account. Once your devices are connected and participate during #OhmHours, you’ll activate Streak Protection and AutoOhms.  

Help! My devices aren’t working. 

If you have reviewed the device manual and are still having trouble, reach out to TP-Link's Support Team as they're experts on their devices, how they work with the Kasa App, and how the Kasa App communicates with other platforms (i.e. OhmConnect).

They'll be able to answer your questions in more detail. You can reach them here. All devices are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty.

How does Streak Protection work?

Streaks measure the number of times you consecutively beat your forecast during an #OhmHour. Achieving a streak earns you bonus points during future #OhmHours. Normally, if you don't beat your forecast one #OhmHour, you break your streak and stop earning bonus points until you build up the streak again. 

With OhmSmart, your streak is protected if you miss your forecast during an #OhmHour. By maintaining your streak, you earn more points every #OhmHour. All OhmSmart members receive this benefit once you connect your smart plug(s) to your account.

A few notes:

  • You must connect your smart plug(s) to your account to activate your Streak Protection.
  • If you opt out from participating in an #OhmHour, your streak will not be protected for that #OhmHour, even once you've activated your Streak Protection.
  • If you miss your forecast, your status and point count will still be impacted, even once you've activated your Streak Protection.

For more details on how regular streaks work, read our article here.

What are AutoOhms?

With AutoOhms, your smart devices (which you now have connected!) automatically power down in real-time, and you earn a flat rate for each device that turns off. 

AutoOhms are a simpler way to get rewarded: once you connect devices, they do all the work for you. No running around your house; no goals to beat. Just sit back as your devices power down, and watch as the cash rolls in! 

During an AutoOhm, your smart thermostats and any devices and appliances that are connected to smart plugs will power down automatically. You’ll earn a flat rate for every 15 minutes each appliance is off -- which means the more plugs and thermostats you have connected, the more you make!

Read more about how AutoOhms work here.

How do I use my OhmSmart store discount?

Look for the discount code provided in your enrollment confirmation email. Then, head over to our store to purchase more smart plugs or a smart thermostat. And, the more smart devices you add, the more you'll earn during AutoOhms!

My credit card details have changed. How do I update my payment method?

Check out your settings page, where you can update your payment information.

Note that if one of your OhmSmart payments fail, we'll give you a 4 week grace period to update your payment information before considering your membership cancelled.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept most major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

How do I cancel my membership? 

We're sorry to hear you want to end your OhmSmart membership, though we understand that OhmSmart isn't for everyone.

To cancel, please reach out to our Customer Experience team. As a reminder, a cancellation fee applies if you cancel your OhmSmart membership before the full 12 month term is up.

The cancellation fee is based on the OhmSmart pricing tier and is as follows:

  • If you have a $4.99 / mo for 12 month or $55 annual membership, the fee is $40.
  • If you have a $9.99 / mo for 12 month or $99 annual membership, the fee is $80.
  • If you cancel after paying through your 8th month, regardless of pricing tier, the cancellation fee is a reduced charge of $20.

I have feedback!

OhmSmart is a new program. As always, we'll ask for feedback along the way, but if you want to get in touch, just reach out!

What are the full terms and conditions for OhmSmart?

You can read OhmSmart’s terms and conditions in full here.

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