Real-Time #OhmHours are part of an invite-only pilot that started in January 2020. The details of this pilot, and how Real-Time #OhmHours operate, may change as we improve how we deliver real-time events. So, please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information on this experience.

What are Real-Time #OhmHours?

Real-Time #OhmHours are a new seamless way to reduce energy without lifting a finger. These events are extra, shorter #OhmHours that happen in real-time. They're only 15 minutes long and you'll get just a few minutes heads up (via SMS) before the Real-Time #OhmHour starts

If you’ve been chosen to participate in Real-Time #OhmHours, it means you have smart plugs and thermostats connected to OhmConnect and that you live in an area where these #OhmHours are available. During these events your smart plugs and thermostat will power down automatically for you - and you'll earn extra points without lifting a finger!

We’re introducing Real-Time #OhmHour events starting in January 2020. Read more about them below or reach out to our fabulous Customer Experience team ( so that we can bring you up to speed.

How do Real-Time #OhmHours work?

During a Real-Time #OhmHour, your smart plugs and thermostats connected to OhmConnect will automatically power down for the duration of the event (usually 15 minutes), and then we’ll turn these devices back on after the event is over.

So, while you’re working, taking a walk, doing chores or enjoying time with your family, you’ll automatically earn points for energy reductions without lifting a finger. 

These energy savings will be published on your #OhmHour dashboard once we have the data from your utility company, which usually happens a few days after the event is over.

Why are Real-Time #OhmHours only 15 minutes long?

Good question!

We really could be calling these Real-Time #OhmMinutes, right?!

Real-Time #OhmHours are 15 minutes long because they accommodate for the surge in energy demand and corresponding price increase in real-time. They help us deliver stress-relief to the grid when it needs it most, and in shorter time frames. This is why it’s essential to have your smart devices plugged in and fully synced with OhmConnect, so that we can do all the heavy lifting for you to improve your energy savings during these times.

Can I choose the times of day that I’m willing to participate in Real-Time #OhmHours?


Go to the Settings Page on your OhmConnect dashboard. Here you can choose the times of day when you’d like to participate in #OhmHour events. 

Keep in mind that we automatically power down your connected devices during Real-Time #OhmHour events, and then turn them back on when the event is done — so you can earn extra points without lifting a finger. This means you may want to expand when you’re willing to get #OhmHours, since you can now get them even when you’re not home!

How will I be notified about Real-Time #OhmHours?

SMS all the way…!

Because Real-Time #OhmHours respond to energy demand in real-time, we can only give you a few minutes notice before each event, unlike the typical day’s notice we give for our other #OhmHours.

This timing means that we’ll send notifications by SMS so that we can get the word out fast. Hence, you will not receive an email regarding an upcoming Real-Time #OhmHour.

So, imagine we’re about to send you a Real-Time #OhmHour. A couple of minutes before the event starts, you’ll receive an SMS sharing that a Real-Time #OhmHour is about to start, including the length of the event. After the event is over, you’ll receive a follow up SMS confirming that the event has ended.

How will I know when a Real-Time #OhmHour ends?

After a Real-Time #OhmHour is finished, you’ll receive a follow-up SMS confirming that the event has ended. 

Keep in mind that it may take a couple of days before your OhmConnect dashboard is updated with your performance. So, even though the events happen in real-time, it still takes us a few days to receive the data from your utility company so that we can show you how much energy you saved.

Do Real-Time #OhmHours impact my streak and status?

Yes, Real-Time #OhmHours impact your streak and status.

The good news is that your participation in these events happen automatically because we turn down your devices for you, which means that you don’t need to do anything to actually reduce the energy you use. In that way, Real-Time #OhmHours are actually a great opportunity to improve your streak and status.

Can I opt out of Real-Time #OhmHours?


You can always out of a Real-Time #OhmHour. To do this, simply go to your OhmConnect Dashboard and click on the Real-Time #OhmHour event that you’d like to opt out of. When you do this, you’ll be directed to a page where you can click the "Opt Out" button.

Am I still be eligible for #OhmHours (regular, Prize and MEGA) now that I’m part of the Real-Time #OhmHours pilot?

You bet!

Real-Time #OhmHours are a seamless new way to help you reduce energy without lifting a finger. But we certainly don’t want to keep you from participating in regular, Prize, and MEGA #OhmHours. Real-Time #OhmHours are just an extra bonus — consider yourself lucky because you now have one more way to reap the rewards for saving energy.

How many points can I earn with Real-Time #OhmHours?

The sky’s the limit. Well, almost!

The general rule is that the more devices you have connected, the more energy we’ll be able to reduce (by automatically turning down those devices during a Real-Time #OhmHour). Everything we reduce below your energy baseline during that event translates into points, so keep your devices connected and let the points roll in. 

Keep in mind, since Real-Time #OhmHours are shorter, you won’t earn quite as many points as with our full hour events. And since you don’t have to lift a finger, it’s a pretty seamless way to enjoy the benefits of saving energy.

P.S. Have a question about your device or want to try a new one? Check out our marketplace or reach out to our Customer Experience team ( to learn about your options.

When will my performance show up on my dashboard for Real-Time #OhmHours?

The performance for Real-Time #OhmHours will show up on your dashboard within the same timeframe as all of our #OhmHour experiences.

So, even though Real-Time #OhmHours happen in real-time, it still takes us a few days to receive data from your utility company to determine how much you saved during that event. So, just like all #OhmHours, you’ll have to exercise the golden rule of patience on this one… and wait 2-3 days to see how you performed during the event.

What happens if my device goes offline during a Real-Time #OhmHour?

It happens.

While we won’t be able to reduce your energy for the Real-Time #OhmHour event after your device goes offline, we’ll still include the energy savings from your device until it went offline, as well as any other devices that are still connected during the event.

If one or more of your devices goes offline early and, as a result, we aren’t able to reduce your energy below your baseline, simply reach out to our Customer Experience team ( and we’ll work some magic behind the scenes to maintain your streak.

How much does it cost to be part of Real-Time #OhmHour pilot?


That’s right, for a short time, this incredible new experience is free to participate in because we want you to enjoy the automatic energy savings from Real-Time #OhmHours. Anyone in this pilot has had their account upgraded for free so that they can enjoy Real-Time #OhmHours.

p.s. If this ever changes, we’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice and the opportunity to opt out. So, you can relax for now and let the savings roll in.

Will it always be free to participate in Real-Time #OhmHours?

That’s a good question. It’s free for now, and since we can’t predict the future, we’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice and the opportunity to opt out if that ever changes

So, sit back and relax while we automatically power down your smart plugs and thermostats during Real-Time #OhmHours so that you can earn extra points without lifting a finger!

Why was I chosen to be part of the Real-Time #OhmHours pilot? 

Would fate be a good answer?

If you’re one of our lucky members selected to participate in Real-Time #OhmHours, congratulations! This is designed to be a fun way to save energy and earn extra points without having to do very much.

If you’d like to participate and weren’t chosen, please drop us a line. While we won’t be able to add you to Real-Time #OhmHour events for now, you never know what the future holds.

Can I refer my friends or family to participate in Real-Time #OhmHours?

Hopefully one day!

For now, we’re not accepting additional participants in our Real-Time #OhmHour events. However, you’re still welcome to refer your friends and family to OhmConnect, where they’ll be able to enjoy all of our other #OhmHour experiences.

And of course, we’ll keep you posted if (and ideally when) this changes.

Can I stop getting Real-Time #OhmHours altogether?


We’d be sad to see you leave, and we understand that real-time isn’t for everyone.

Simply go to your Settings Page and select the option to stop participating in Real-Time #OhmHour events.

I signed up for the OhmNow waitlist, why am I not getting Real-Time #OhmHours? 

First of all, thank you for signing up for the OhmNow waitlist! We’re working hard to create experiences that you’ll love, and we’re glad that you’re interested in trying them.

For Real-Time #OhmHours, we invited a small group of members who met certain criteria to participate. This is an invite-only pilot because our goal is to work closely with everyone so that we can refine our craft before we expand.

We absolutely plan to include more of our community in Real-Time #OhmHours in the future. So, please stay tuned for your chance to participate in these real-time events!

Why am I not getting Real-Time #OhmHours?

Starting in January 2020, we invited a small group of members to participate in our Real-Time #OhmHours pilot. If you’re not receiving Real-Time #OhmHours, it’s likely because you did not qualify for the pilot. Only members with smart plugs and thermostats in specific areas of California were eligible. For now, enrollment is still invite-only and we are not accepting additional members at this time.

If you are enrolled in this pilot and are not receiving Real-Time #OhmHours, please reach out to us ( right away so that we can make sure you have a chance to experience these real-time events.

I have a question that isn’t here. How can I find help?

We got you!

Simply reach out to our fabulous Customer Experience team ( and we’ll be happy to work with you to find an answer.

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