You may have received an email informing you about OhmConnect's new, premium service and an invitation to join the waitlist.

What is it?
OhmConnect's premium service empowers you to take control of how you and your family use and save energy. We are aiming to launch the service in early 2020 - hang tight!

Is this new service free?
Our service will most likely cost $4.99/month. We will have more details about billing and payments soon - hang tight!

What is the waitlist and do I HAVE to join it?
Since we have limited spots available on this new service, we want to ensure our current users who are committed to OhmConnect get first access! Adding your email to the waitlist is just a non-committal, zero fee indication of interest - you do not have to sign up for the service when it launches.

How does billing work and will I be charged?
If you add your email to the waitlist, we will not charge you anything at this time. We are still building out how billing and payments will work and we will provide updates on this once our service launches in early 2020.

I also received a survey - why do I need to fill this out?
After you signup for our waitlist, you will be taken to a survey link. This survey helps us learn more about you so we can tailor our new, premium service to your needs. Don't worry - the data collected from this survey will not be shared with any third parties!

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