Migrating your Nest account from WWN to WWGA

Once you have migrated your Nest account to Google (using the link above), you will need to reauthorize your Nest thermostat to sync with your OhmConnect account. 

Step 1: You should receive a personalized link from us at the email you used to sign up for your OhmConnect account directing you to a new flow to do this.

The link should take you to this screen below. Please choose the google account you have which links to OhmConnect. Please note you MUST have created a google email account to do this, so please do create a gmail account if you don't already have one!

Step 2: Next you must grant OhmConnect permission to control your Nest thermostat, so we may turn your thermostat off prior to #OhmHours and back on right after #OhmHours to contribute to your reductions!

Final Step: Once you have reviewed these sharing permissions and hit "Allow", you should be directed back to the OhmConnect site, where you should see a pop-up message informing you your "Nest thermostat has been found". You should be able to go to your Devices page through the url login.ohmconnect.com/devices and see your NEST thermostat device widget with an active Nest connection!

Having trouble reauthorizing your Nest thermostat to OhmConnect? Receiving an error message and/or unable to see it activated on your devices page? Please reach out to login.ohmconnect.com/help 

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