1. Why do I need to migrate my Nest Account from Works With Nest (WWN) to Works With Google Assistant (WWGA)?

Google has informed us they are overhauling their NEST thermostat tracking and control system and hence, will only permit control and access to thermostat devices from the WWGA system. Without you migrating over your device, we cannot send out automated signals to turn off your thermostat before an #OhmHour and switch it back on after an #OhmHour. We encourage all NEST thermostat users to do this to ensure robust #OhmHour reductions for future #OhmHours.

2. What is required for me to transition my account over?
Firstly, the WWGA program requires you to have a Google email account (GMail). Therefore, we kindly request all users to create a google email account 

Next please follow both these FAQs in this order:
PART A - Nest Account Migration: https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/k7hl4qeb/articles/articles/3314554/show

PART B - Reauthorizing your Nest Thermostat to OhmConnect:

3. I can't find my thermostat on my devices page based on the name I had initially set for it. What do I do? [NEED TO CHANGE]
When migrating your account and reconnecting your thermostat, your naming may be lost. Please login to your Works With Google Account (WWGA) and go to the "Settings" page. Here, you can enter in whatever name you wish into the "Label" field. Kindly follow the article below for more detailed instructions.

4. I've followed all the instructions but my Nest isn't connecting and/or is inactive and is showing me an error! What do I do? [NEED TO CHANGE]

Please contact the following useful support links:
OhmConnect Support: login.ohmconnect.com/help
Google Nest Support:  https://nest.com/fi/support/

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