Step 1: You should receive an email from Google informing you about migrating your account from WWN (Works with Nest) to WWGA (Works with Google Assistant). You will need to click on this and log-in to your Nest account.  

Step 2: Once you log-in, you should be directed to start the migration to the new Google account.   You can also start the migration from the Nest App or from logging into Nest on the web.  Please note you will have to have a gmail account created for this (if  you don't already have one). This can be done by going to this link here and pressing the "Create an account" blue button in the top right hand corner of the webpage

Step 3: After clicking through these screens, you will be asked to select a home. Please select the home address where your existing Nest thermostat is active.

Step 4: After pressing "Next" you will have to follow through these screens. This involves some scrolling to review terms and conditions

Step 5: Once you have reviewed these conditions and pressed "Continue", you will be directed to accept them and confirm migration of your account. You can also opt-in for notifications. Once this is done, you will have migrated your account!

Step 6: You are not yet done! You will need to reauthorize your Nest thermostat to your OhmConnect account. Please follow the article at this link: Reauthorize your Nest Thermostat to OhmConnect to do this!

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