MEGA Summer is back for 2020!

Big summer rewards are back! The secret this year? Your status. Save during every #OhmHour to keep your status high, maximize your earnings, and qualify for weekly prizes!

What is MEGA Summer?

MEGA Summer is a seasonal sweepstakes that runs from June through September.

During hot summer days, the demand for energy spikes (and so do your utility bills!). Here at OhmConnect, that means you have the chance to earn high payouts for powering down during every #OhmHour. To sweeten the deal, we’ve lined up some awesome weekly prizes, plus a special Grand Prize for one lucky winner at the end of the summer.

How do I maximize my rewards?

This year, your status is the biggest driver of rewards. Focus on improving your status by digging deep and hitting big reductions in every #OhmHour.

As a refresher, your status is based on the average energy you reduce during #OhmHours. We listened to your feedback and improved some things about your OhmConnect status level, which take effect June 1st, 2020.

First, your status now delivers even bigger reward multipliers.

When you hit Gold, you’ll now earn a 6x bonus. Platinum status gives you a 10x bonus, and Diamond gives you a whopping 12x bonus!

Second, we made status faster to earn. Your status is now based on the average energy you save in your past five #OhmHours.

Learn more about status here, and read on for our best tips and tricks to level up your status and earn major rewards in every #OhmHour.

What are the prizes?

Glad you asked! We’ve gotten lots of great feedback from our community over the years. This year, we’re excited to offer things like cash prizes, Peloton bikes, a suite of home appliances, streaming subscriptions, and more.

The Grand Prize for 2020 (drum roll please….): your energy bill paid for life!

Check out the upcoming prizes and tune in to the Facebook Live broadcast every Sunday at 5:00pm PT to find out who won!

How do I qualify for the weekly prizes and the Grand Prize?

To be entered into the weekly prize drawing, you must meet one of the following goals during the prize qualification period: reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond status, have a smart device save energy during an #OhmHour or AutoOhm, or your referral connects their utility account and saves energy during an energy saving event. Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions for MEGA Summer for the full qualifying information.

When you qualify for the weekly prize five times, you'll be entered to win the MEGA Summer Grand Prize: your energy bill paid for life!

Want to learn more?

Learn more about MEGA Summer and read the official rules.

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