Folks who previously had their ecobee connected to OhmConnect and lost connection now have the option of getting reconnected.

Step 1: Please login to your account and go to your devices page using the following link:

You will see a similar view below of all your devices:

Note that the Ecobee_API widgets mention "Unknown error". Please click the blue "Retry Connection" dual arrows.

Step 2: Please select and connect to Ecobee.

From the drop down, select the first option, "Ecobee". Then click the "connect" button as shown below:

Step 3: Authorize Ecobee application to OhmConnect

Once you press connect, you will be directed to the Ecobee website/mobile application to authorize OhmConnect. Kindly enter in your log-in details and follow the steps to get your Ecobee connected. Please make sure your thermostat is online and connected to your home wifi network when you are doing this!

After this, you will be asked to authorize OhmConnect to shut on/off your device on the next screen. Please press the green "Accept" button :

Step 4: Congrats! You are authorized!

After reconnection, your Ecobee should be reconnected and Device Status should be switched to "On" to ensure it can be auto shut-off prior to #OhmHours by our system!

You should then get a message on your dashboard thanking you for connecting your Ecobee:

Something not working on the Ecobee website when you are trying to authorize?
Please write to: 

If not, please do write to us with further questions at: and press the "Contact Support" button in the bottom right hand corner!

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