Confused about what connecting to SCE means? We were too! Let’s break it down.

By connecting your SCE account to OhmConnect, you’re agreeing to share with us your:

  • Billing schedule (but never your payment information. That’s private between you and SCE).

  • Meter data (that’s how we know what your energy usage is).

  • Service account number (that’s how we stay connected to your SCE meter).

Below is a copy of SCE’s Share My Data agreement, which you’ll need to submit in order to get paid to save energy with OhmConnect. By submitting this agreement, you give us permission to receive copies of the above info from SCE. You can change your mind at any time (we can stay friends!).

OhmConnect takes your data security very seriously: we do not sell your data to third parties, nor do we ask for (or get access to) your SCE login.

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