Going out of town for a while, and want to make sure your status and streak are saved while you're gone? No problem! You can turn off your #OhmHours while you're gone, saving your status level and streak while you're away. Here's how: 

How do I turn off my #OhmHours if I'm going on vacation, and still save my streak?

If you know ahead of time that you will be unreachable for a period of time, if for example you were heading off to the wilderness for a week without cell service, and you'd like to "pause" your #OhmHours for a time, and save your streak, you can do the following:

Turn off "OhmHour Notifications on the right side of your settings page. It should look like the example below. This will preserve your streak until you turn your #OhmHours back on.   

Just make sure to turn your notifications back on again once you're back home and settled in.

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