MEGA only is a new experience which allows you to only be alerted to participate in MEGA #OhmHours.  

How to switch

From your Settings page, go to the #OhmHour Notifications section and click the "#OhmHours per Week" dropdown. Choose the "MEGA only" option at the bottom.

How it works

MEGA Only offers you a simpler way to earn rewards with OhmConnect. Switch and you'll only get MEGA #OhmHours, which happen when the grid is especially stressed — about once a month in the off-season and 2+ times a month during the summer.

The backstory

We understand your frustrations during the off-season — after having many opportunities to earn points and bonuses over the summer, this fall and winter may have felt uninspiring. We want to explain why this is happening, and let you know that it won't last forever!

Why do seasons impact OhmConnect?

The amount the grid pays OhmConnect for your energy reductions changes with the seasons.  On hot summer days when the grid is stressed, the payouts are high. But when overall use is more moderate (between October and May), the payouts from the grid are very low. So our service matches those cycles: higher payouts in the summer, and lower payouts in the winter. This is why we shift to Prize #OhmHours and fewer MEGA #OHs during the offseason. Every Summer, Prize #OhmHours are suspended and MEGA #OHs increase in frequency. 

Introducing MEGA Only

But we recognize that not all users want to participate for prizes.  We are offering a new setting called MEGA Only which will allow you to only participate in events with higher need and payout opportunities. These are likely to occur around once a month through May. You'll preserve your streak, but keep in mind that by selecting this option you will not receive any prize or regular #OhmHours. You can of course switch back to other options at any time.

Remember: MEGA #OhmHours happen when the grid is more stressed. They come less frequently, will pay more, but you'll need to reduce more to earn those rewards. Want a refresher on how MEGAs work? Click here.

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